Diagnostic Car Testing in Round Rock

Affordable Full Diagnostic Car Testing for Round Rock Residents

When the check engine light in your vehicle starts flashing, there’s nothing you can do other than pull over on the side of the road and call a mechanic. After all, your vehicle is a sophisticated machine. The engine of your car alone contains around 200 different mechanical components, each slightly different according to the manufacturer.

So as a vehicle owner and amateur car repair technician, it can feel frightening and overwhelming when something’s gone wrong and you don’t know how to fix it.

But there’s no reason to feel scared. Marioshop has an efficient diagnostic car testing system at an affordable price. If your check engine light is lit or flashing, bring in your car and we’ll attend to it same day.

Our automotive scan tool quickly assesses the hundreds of mechanical components in your vehicle and determines which needs repairing to get you back on the road—fast. And because we’re a full-service auto repair shop, we can change your oil, add new brake pads, and repair what’s broken all in an afternoon’s work.

Pretty convenient, huh? That’s because Marioshop works tirelessly to offer the best diagnostic car testing near you. A car diagnostic test shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean? Do I Need a Full Car Diagnostic?

In case this is your first vehicle (in which case, congratulations), we’ve opted to provide a brief explanation of what the check engine light means when it’s illuminated in your car.

Firstly, most makes and models of cars in North America have a check engine light to let you know when something’s wrong. However, there are also two modes: lit, and flashing. One is more severe than the other.

Check Engine Light is Lit

This indicates you have a non-emergency problem that should still be looked at as soon as possible. The onboard diagnostic system in your car is a computer chip that monitors nearly every function of your vehicle.

If something is not working correctly, there will be a change from your car’s expected performance. The onboard diagnostic system will continuously run your car’s ‘numbers’ against the ideal. For example, if your brake fluid is overdue for a change, the expected brake time will differ from the actual brake time, and your Check Engine light will go online.

Because this system monitors so many different car components, and some are more crucial than others, it’s essential to visit a mechanic when you see this component lit up. May we suggest Marioshop?

Check Engine Light is Flashing

This is bad news. The check engine light only flashes when your car is experiencing severe mechanical failure. If you see this warning sign lit up, you need to visit an auto shop right away. You may even want to call a tow truck if your budget allows, in order to avoid any further damage to your car.

The Best Mechanic in Round Rock

Marioshop is proud to be the best auto shop offering full diagnostic car testing to Round Rock residents. To learn more, call us today, or come by our garage!