Brake Services in Cedar Park

When you depend on your vehicle to get you through every single day, you need auto mechanics you can depend on, too. That’s where Marioshop comes in. From repairs to maintenance and installations, our shop’s brake services are factory-grade and second to none. Call us today.


The Best Auto Repair Shop in Cedar Park

Well-working brakes aren’t just essential to your safety, they’re essential to everyone’s safety. The second you start your vehicle, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone from pedestrians and passers-by to fellow motorists. In order to make sure those brakes never let you down, you need a team of reliable mechanics who can service your vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Thankfully, we’re only a phone call away. Having served the Cedar Park region for years, we are the leading experts in automotive brakes. We can detect small issues before they become costly problems, and we always know when your pads have passed their prime. What’s more, our level of customer service in unmatched. Our mechanics and technicians have a reputation for being friendly and disclosing valuable information. With us you can always expect:

  • Honest and Accurate Pricing
  • Detailed and Written Estimates
  • Towing Services if Needed
  • Factory-Grade Services
  • Extended Warranties on All Brake Services

Brake Repairs You Can Depend On

Even on a good day, owning a vehicle is expensive. When you need brake repairs it is bound to get even more expensive. Even the most affordable services provided by trustworthy mechanics like us are going to set you back at least a few dollars. That’s why it is important to find a mechanic who will get the job done right the first time.

At Marioshop, every repair is performed by certified technicians. With us, you’ll always get your money’s worth—guaranteed. Some of our most requested brake repairs include:

  • Resurfacing Rotors and Drums
  • Bleeding Brake Lines
  • Faulty Parking Breaks

Do You Need Those Brake Pads Installed?

Do you want to make sure your new brakes don’t squeal the second your car is out of the auto shop? Visit us the next time you need new brake pads installed in your vehicle! We’ll make sure your spring clips don’t lose their tension, and we’ll make sure those pads fit on their calipers perfectly.

Auto Mechanics Who Understand the Importance of Brake Maintenance

If you want to save money on brake services in the long run, your best bet is to schedule routine visits with us. We are firm believers in proactive car care. That’s why our maintenance services, routine check-ups, and tune-ups are so affordable! We want every driver in Cedar Park to be safe in their vehicles. When your car is serviced on a routine basis, we’re able to identify those minor issues before they result in major catastrophes and financial fallouts.

Affordable Replacement Brake Parts

If you’re tired of paying sky-high prices for even the smallest parts, visit our shop. Replacement pads, rotors and other essential brake components are all within our reach at a moment’s notice.

We Provide the Best Brake Services

Let’s be honest about it, without a fully-functioning set of brakes you will not be able to drive. And not being able to drive means no weekend getaways to the cottage by the lake or the summer house by the sea. Don’t spoil all your driving plans by failing to fix something as simple and important as your brakes. The fact of the matter is that without a set of brakes your car is not roadworthy. Driving with faulty or damaged brakes isn’t just negligent it is downright dangerous and should always be avoided. If you detect a problem with your brakes, then do the sensible thing and seek professional assistance. Marioshop has provided an unrivalled brake repair service for motorists in Cedar Park for years. Conveniently located in the middle of Cedar Park our state-of-the-art garage has all the tools, machinery and materials to fix even the most stubborn of brake-related problems. Throw a team of experienced mechanics into the mix and you’re sure to be back on the road in no time at all.

How Brakes Work

In order to know how brake defects, occur it is first necessary to understand how brakes work. A fully-functioning set of brakes reduces the speed in your car using friction. In that sense they are, in some ways at least, the opposite of the engine which always needs to be lubricated and free of friction to operate correctly. In the front brakes, friction is created using the brake pads and calipers. While in the back brakes, friction hits the brake drums. Creating this friction is essential to reduce the speed of your vehicle and ensure a smooth driving performance.

Factors that Can Affect this Friction

Greasy or oily brakes are one of the number one causes of brake failure. The reason for this is simple: When oil or grease seeps onto your brakes they automatically become more lubricated and lose the friction that is necessary for them to reduce the speed generated from your engine. Overheating brake pads result in hot spots. Hot spots resist the friction from brake pads, as the pads have nothing to grasp onto there is no friction. As a result, braking power is lost. Brake pads wearing thin is another feature of a faulty brake pad system. If you hear your brakes squealing, then that is not a good sign. This noise is a clear indication that your brake pads need to be inspected and either repaired or replaced. Determining whether we will be able to repair them or must replace them will very much depend on how long the depreciation has been allowed to occur for. Like almost anything in your vehicle, the sooner you bring the problem to us the more likely it is that we will be able to fix it.