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Anyone who’s ever stepped foot into their car after it has sat in the sun for a few hours knows how crucial a working car air conditioner is to a driver’s wellbeing. The greenhouse effect from the sun’s rays quickly heats up the air inside your car and creates an atmosphere that is stifling and oppressive. After all, we all know how dangerous it is to leave a child or pet in the backseat of a car for even a few moments.

When the weather gets hot, and the sun is out in Georgetown—and hey, that’s most of the time—it’s crucial that the air conditioning unit in your car or truck be operating as it should. After all, your car’s temperature when exposed to the sun rises by an average of 45 degrees in 60 minutes. If you’re heading down the highway without relief, you risk passing out or suffering from heat exhaustion.

All Of Marioshop’s Car Air Conditioning Repair Services Begin With A Full Inspection

If you think your car’s air conditioning is broken, bring it into Marioshop’s garage right away. We’re the best place to get your car AC fixed in Georgetown because of our superior service at great rates!

If you’re concerned that your car’s AC unit isn’t working like it used to, call us for an estimate, or just bring it in directly to the shop. With over five years of experience helping Georgetown residents fix their broken car air conditioners, there’s almost no problem we haven’t seen before—and even fewer we don’t know how to fix.

We’ll begin with a full inspection of your car’s air conditioner, including the following:

  • In-line filter kit
  • Air conditioning condenser
  • Compressor
  • Belt
  • Evaporator core
  • Coolant

From there, we’ll determine which part isn’t working, and whether or not it’s replaceable or you will need to consider a new air conditioner for your car. Most car air conditioning issues are easily fixed with a replacement part and the skills and knowledge of Marioshop’s technicians.

Your Car Aircon Mechanic

Most automotive supply shops in Georgetown don’t have the mechanical expertise required to quickly and safely repair and replace car air conditioning units. Most will try their hand and recommend you contact the manufacturer. But sourcing repair parts from the company is rarely cheap, and parts often won’t arrive for months.

Marioshop is one of the few full-service stations in Georgetown that can fix broken brakes and busted car AC units. Keeping cool in your car or truck keeps road conditions manageable for you and other drivers no matter what temperature the mercury rises to. It’s not a luxury— it’s a safety feature!

Your Vehicle Aircon Recharge

If the air that streams out of your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t feel as cold as it used to be, it’s possible your car needs a refill of the refrigerant that cools it off. While it is possible to do this yourself, you need to make sure you buy the right type of coolant for your vehicle otherwise, you could break your car’s AC system. We recommend trusting the professionals at Marioshop to do it for you—this quick and easy process can get your car’s air conditioner up and running over a single afternoon!

What’s the Cost of Car Air Conditioning Repair With Marioshop?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you an estimate on the most likely cost for your car air conditioning repair until we get a chance to physically inspect your car or truck in our garage.

Why? Well, there are as many ways for a car air conditioner to go wrong as there are for an air conditioner to go right. Every make and model is different, and will have its own likely failure points. Only a full inspection will tell.

That’s a long-winded way of saying it depends. If the problem is purely mechanical—the coolant’s run out, for example—and replacement parts aren’t required, your AC unit can be fixed in as little as an afternoon, and in the ballpark of $100.

But if we need to order parts in addition to providing labor, it could be more! We’ll give you a full estimate in writing before we do any work on your car—we want you to feel confident you’re getting a good deal!

Where Can I Find a Reliable Car Air Conditioning Repair Shop Near Me?

Conveniently located in downtown Round Rock, TX, Marioshop’s the obvious choice for anyone looking for high-quality car AC repair at low rates. And now, it’s easier than ever to get an appointment and QUICKLY get your car’s air conditioning repaired. Want to know more about how easy it is to book a car air conditioning repair with Marioshop? Read on!

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Full-Service Station for Vehicles in Georgetown

Marioshop is the best choice for Georgetown residents looking for a full-service auto repair shop. We have a dedicated team with the know-how needed to fix any vehicle air conditioning system, but that’s not all we do. We can order replacement parts or install new units in your vehicle if need be. However, we also fix any mechanical problem you might have with your car or truck.

From tune-ups to oil changes to brake pad replacements, Marioshop is the one-stop-shop you need in Georgetown for anything on wheels. We’ve been the favorite of Georgetown residents for automobile care for over five years, and we’re ready to win you over with our can-do attitudes and affordable services. Call us today or stop by the shop!